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Vein Treatments

Vein Treatments
Vein Therapy for the Face and Body

At his Chicago practice, Dr. Horn utilizes advanced vein treatments to help reduce the appearance of spider veins and help his patients enjoy a healthy, youthful look. Although both men and women develop spider veins, men do not typically seek treatment because the veins are concealed by leg hair. Many women, however, are self-conscious about their spider veins, which may be blue, red, or purple in color and can branch out in multiple directions.

The veins, which occur for a number of reasons, may cause burning, itching, cramping, or other bothersome side effects. Fortunately, Dr. Horn can help patients at his Chicago practice with safe, effective vein treatments.

Dr. Michael Horn provides exceptional plastic surgery that is truly tailored to the individual patient. Renowned for his aesthetic results, Dr. Horn helps his patients achieve their appearance goals by combining experience, talent, and the highest quality medical care.

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Patient Testimonial

"Dr Horn is the best plastic surgeon in Chicago! He made me feel so comfortable and confident before and after the surgery, and the staff over there are so friendly, really professional and helpful in every way!"

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