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Choosing the Size of Your Breast Implants

Choosing the Size of Your Breast Implants

Choosing the right size of your breast implants can seem difficult. Some women know exactly what they want while others are a little unsure. One size up, two, or even several cup sizes? Relying on bra sizes can be a little risky as brands may be sized differently. Most women do not wear the correct bra size, which means that relying on what someone states they wear can result in a much different look than expected.

What Size Makes You Happy?

Different Sizes of Breast ImplantWhen you begin thinking about the breast size you wish to move to consider what makes you feel good about yourself. Discount what your friends or family tell you. You are working to increase your happiness. Well meaning friends that offer negative advice, such as “You’ll look like a stripper” should be ignored. Maybe they’re not happy with their own look and are envious that you’ll be changing your own. Such so-called ‘helpful’ advice isn’t really helping. Your idea of how you’d like your body to look is what is important, not the preference of others.

Don’t base your choice on what your significant other wants. Talk with Dr. Horn concerning the size you feel would make you feel great about your body. He or she will take measurements and discuss what size implant will fit the best on your body. Sometimes you may find that the size you’ve chosen is just right. The look you desire may be reached by a smaller implant. Take pictures of models that have your body type and the size of breasts you wish to have along to your appointment. This can help your surgeon help you decide on size.

Trying Them On

There are different methods for trying on the breast size you desire. One method is by visiting a surgeon and trying on silicone bra inserts. Most surgeons recommend bringing a few changes of clothing so you can try on the inserts with loose and tighter clothing. Take pictures – front view and side view. After leaving the office you can look over the pictures at home. You can try on several different inserts. Your surgeon will be happy to make recommendations, their job is to help you find your best fit.

You can also try on different sizes at home. You can make your own bra inserts by filling knee high stockings with rice. Cut the foot off and tie a knot in the hose. Pour dry rice (long grain) into the knee high and knot the open end. Each implant is measured by CC. You can adjust the amount until you’re happy with your look. Wear the rice inserts under clothing for a day or two to get an idea of how you’ll look. Change the ‘size’ of the rice implants as much as you wish. Keep trying on sizes until you have found the one you’re happiest with.

¼ cup: 59cc
1/3 cup: 78cc
½ cup: 118cc
2/3 cup: 156cc
¾ cup: 177cc
1 cup: 236cc

As the rice inserts are sitting in the bra cup, silicone or saline inserts will need to be adjusted to reach that size. It usually takes another 50cc or 100cc to reach the size you’ve come to love in a rice bra inserts. Remember, the actual implant will be under the skin and tissue. Take note of the amount (in cc) that you used for the rice inserts. Bring this note to the surgeon. Also bring your inserts so you can show the surgeon how they fit.

Dr. Michael Horn of Chicago can assess the proper implant size based on that, along with your body measurements.

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