Benefits of Microderma

Microderma medspa in chicago Posted on Sep 27 2018

Benefits of Microderma

Microdermabrasion, also referred to as microderma, is a technique that involves removing dead skin cells and initiating the regeneration of new skin cells. As you can imagine, after microderma in Chicago is performed, you’ll have fresh, glowing skin. Microdermabrasion is a procedure that you may not be familiar with. Here is some more information regarding the procedure.

How Does It Work?

A small, handheld tool is used to get rid of the top dead layer of your skin. This may sound uncomfortable, but the procedure itself typically isn’t painful. Through a tiny stream of crystals that is shot into your skin, the tool suctions the dead skin as well as excess crystals. Think of the process as a more aggressive exfoliation. After the procedure is over, your skin’s regeneration process will kick into overdrive.

Non-Invasive, Non-Allergenic Treatment

The treatment is a natural way to get the most out of your skin. It is a fast treatment that is non-invasive and non-allergenic. The recovery time is minimal, but you can expect to leave a microderma appointment in Chicago with slightly red, sensitive skin.

Facial Products Become More Effective

Once you’ve receive microderma in Chicago, your skincare products, including your makeup, will become more effective because they can penetrate the skin easier. In fact, regular treatments can even minimize fine lines and even out your skin tone in general.

Once you experience the microderma procedure once, you’ll want to keep coming back for more! Contact the Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery if you’re interested in scheduling a microderma appointment!

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