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Unhappy with Your Nose?

Not everyone is happy with the size or shape of their nose. If you are one of these unsatisfied people, chances are you may have considered rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago. This surgery can transform the look of your nose and sculpt it into one you can be proud of. The idea of having surgery on your nose may make you feel nervous, but once you consider the benefits, you may find it is the right option to improve your self-image. At the Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we can take your nose and turn it into something you can be proud of.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that has been done for decades. Dr. Horn of the Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery has performed hundreds of these treatments on patients throughout the Chicago area. We are happy to help you schedule a consultation to begin discussing your ideal nose. You can count on our team to help you get the look you desire.

What Can We Do?

When you turn to us for rhinoplasty surgery in Chicago, you will meet with our team of surgeons to evaluate your current nose and determine the best shape for you. We look at all aspects of your face, including the shape, position and size of other features, your profile, and other contributing factors. We then work with you to determine what results you want from the surgery to create a new shape. We create your new look on a computer first so you can see just what you will look like when the surgery is complete. We can adjust any aspect of your nose, including the shape, size and position. Whether you are unhappy with the way your nose looks or you want resolution for breathing or other problems, we are here to help.

Our goal is to ensure your new nose exceeds expectations. We use the latest technology available to ensure you get the nose you want.

How Does It Work?

Once you make the decision to undergo rhinoplasty, you may wonder what the procedure will be like. When we perform the surgery, we use sedation or general anesthesia so you won’t experience any pain during the procedure. We then make several small incisions inside the nose, eliminating the possibility of visible scarring after the procedure is over. Unfortunately, there may be some situations where external incisions may be necessary to achieve the look you want, however, we do try to avoid this as often as possible. If you are reducing the size of your nose, we will remove bone and cartilage from the nose so you have a straight profile. If we must remove a bump, we will carefully file away cartilage until we achieve the shape you are looking for. We can also address any breathing issues during the surgery.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive nose altering procedures. We understand it is a big decision to have rhinoplasty surgery, which is why our doctor and his staff are here to answer any questions you may have before, during or after the procedure. We will also walk you step by step through what will happen while the treatment is performed. This is to provide you with peace of mind that you are getting the nose you want.

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