Gender-Affirming Top Surgery at Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Horn, offers an outstanding blend of surgical skill and compassionate care for FTM Top Surgery. Dr. Horn is committed to modern, innovative, and safe transformation options to provide personalized and comprehensive aesthetic results.

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What is FTM Top Surgery?

FTM Top Surgery is a transformative surgical treatment designed to sculpt and contour the chest for transgender men seeking a more masculine appearance. This procedure plays a pivotal role in aligning physical presentation with gender identity during the transition process. Premier plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Horn employs modern and innovative mastectomy techniques to eliminate breast tissue, minimize scarring, maintain nipple sensation, and deliver exceptional aesthetic outcomes.

What can FTM Top Surgery do for me?

We understand that the choice to undergo gender-affirming top surgery is extremely personal, and understanding the benefits is key in the decision process. FTM Top Surgery offers a path to true self-expression and can have a huge impact on confidence and emotional well-being. With this procedure, you can see and experience changes that include:

  • Sculpted, masculine-appearing chest
  • End misgendering due to feminine breasts
  • Lessen gender dysphoria symptoms
  • Eliminate the discomfort and hassle of binding
  • Wear the clothes you want without your body affecting your preferred style

Am I a candidate for FTM Top Surgery?

Surgical transition to a male chest appearance is an ideal option for individuals who are fully immersed in their social gender transition and are prepared to progress further. Eligible candidates for chest masculinization should maintain overall good health, refrain from smoking, and have no significant or chronic health issues that could hinder the healing process. Since this procedure is permanent, patients should have a full understanding of the social and emotional impact, which can be significant. If you'd like to find out more about our FTM Top Surgery Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Horn, can answer any questions you have during an initial consultation. Contact us today!

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Consultation and Preparation

Your chest masculinization consultation in Chicago, IL, with Dr. Horn will include an examination, a discussion about your health history, and a conversation about your aesthetic goals. Our priority is your comfort and well-being, and if we decide together that this procedure is ideal for you, we will create a fully customized treatment plan to ensure that your goals are met and that we achieve outstanding results.


The goal of this surgery is to remove existing breast tissue and contour and sculpt the chest into your ideal masculine form. Typically performed under general anesthesia, this procedure usually lasts about two to four hours. Dr. Horn will determine which type of incision to use depending on your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals and will remove and adjust skin, tissue, and fat to achieve final results.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

In most cases, recovery lasts about seven to ten days but may be longer, depending on the healing process. While light daily activities can typically be resumed after this time, strenuous activities, including weight lifting or intense cardio, should not be engaged in for about six to eight weeks. Optimal results are typically revealed around four to six months once all residual swelling has resolved.

Why choose FTM Top Surgery with Dr. Horn?

Dr. Michael Horn is board-certified, boasts a wealth of experience spanning decades, and has successfully performed over 10,000 breast augmentation surgeries, including FTM Top Surgery. His unmatched expertise in the field is combined with a profound dedication to providing compassionate, top-tier patient care. Dr. Horn and his team are committed to delivering natural-looking outcomes that align with each patient's individual aesthetic aspirations. Renowned for his exceptional technical proficiency, artistic flair, and unwavering focus on patient care, Dr. Horn stands as one of Chicago's top plastic surgeons.

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Coordinating Your Procedure

After a surgical plan has been created, Dr. Horn will refer you to a patient coordinator at his office with whom you will plan your surgery and learn more about the details of aesthetic procedures. Your patient coordinator will be provided with a treatment plan that reflects your requirements and surgical plan. Based on this information, your patient coordinator will be able to provide a surgery quote, which will include the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee, and the hospital fees.

Some of these fees will be based on how long the surgery is expected to take, which will be determined by Dr. Horn during your evaluation. Your patient coordinator will be there to walk you through every step of the pre-operative process and guiding you through follow-up appointments with Dr. Horn.

During your visits with the patient coordinator, you will discuss things such as facility locations, financial details, pre-op, surgery and post-op schedule dates, how to prepare for your surgery, surgical clearance from your primary care physician (if applicable), pre-existing medical conditions, risks of smoking and drug use, downtime planning, post-op clothing plan (sports bra, etc) and financial policies.

Patient coordinators at Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa are experts in the field of plastic surgery and are here to help you understand, prepare for and recover from your surgery safely and effectively. Dr. Horn and his staff are fully-trained and experienced in taking utmost care and consideration of every detail before, during and after your procedure. Through their guidance and professionalism, you are ensured to enjoy all the benefits of experiencing world-class care at The Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa.

FTM Top Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Patients can expect to experience some mild discomfort or tenderness after surgery, but high levels of pain are typically not part of recovery after FTM Top Surgery.

Risks associated with any cosmetic surgery include unexpected scarring, unusual bleeding, or infection. FTM Top Surgery is considered very safe when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon.

This is a permanent surgical procedure, and the results are lifelong.

For most patients, recovery lasts about two weeks until daily activities can be resumed. Full recovery, when final results can be seen, will take around four to six months.

In Chicago FTM Top Surgery cost will vary based on patient need but generally ranges from $6,000 to $10,000.