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One Patient’s Journey: Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy

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Posted on Feb 28 2023

My journey with Dr. Horn began long before we even met. It started with a faint blue line on an at-home pregnancy test. From there, my mind, body, and soul were taken on an incredible voyage, of which the last stop was motherhood.

During this remarkable time, my body changed in many ways, expanding and stretching, growing in size to accommodate the new life I was nurturing within myself. I reached the limits of human physical endurance and tolerated discomforts out of my wildest nightmares. When it was all said and done, I created a perfect baby boy.

I was overjoyed by my accomplishment and felt extremely proud of my body for making such a flawless being. As the months went on, my body slowly healed from pregnancy and delivery, and I started to feel a little more like myself. As expected, some of the journey to motherhood left its mark here and there, and I was left with permanent reminders of where I had been and what I had done. Although I was extremely proud of the blessing my body created through hard work, sweat, tears, and blood – I still found myself looking in the mirror with a bit of shame. Some of the changes from motherhood did not align with how I felt about myself on the inside. My husband noticed my feelings about my new body and tried to constantly reassure me that I was still beautiful, and while it helped, I knew that until my outside matched the confidence and pride I carried on the inside, I would remain unhappy. My husband must have known it, too, because on my son’s first birthday, he gifted me Dr. Horn.

After lots of research and word of mouth, we decided to set up a consultation with Dr. Horn because I felt as though I could trust him to create for me on the outside what I felt on the inside. The consultation was very relaxing and comfortable, and he used digital tools to show me different sizes that would repair the shape of my breasts. I also tried on different sizes to see how they would look in my clothes. After inserting the size I eventually chose into my bra, I looked in the mirror at the consultation and finally was met with an outside I could be proud of and one that reflected how I felt about my body on the inside. We decided that day to book the surgery for breast augmentation.

I was excited and nervous leading up to the surgery, but any anxiety I had soon faded away because Dr. Horn and his staff were informative, caring, and responsive and made me feel safe. They went over everything carefully and thoroughly, so I felt assured and in control of the situation. The day of surgery came before I knew it, and I couldn’t wait to have the procedure done.

Dr. Horn’s surgical center has convenient parking and is clean, spacious, and comfortable. I was treated with the utmost respect during my time there and enjoyed every staff member I encountered. I felt very secure and ready for the procedure when they took me back. When I woke, I was met with the smiling, caring face of a nurse who helped me get ready to leave. Again, the kindness and sincerity I encountered with Dr. Horn and all members of his staff really stood out and was central to my positive experience.

The healing process from surgery went great, and members of his staff were readily available to answer any questions that popped up. I felt like I was in good hands, even at home recovering alone. Thank you, Dr. Horn, for restoring my confidence and giving me the outward appearance I desired. Now My body is once again something I can be proud of, both inside and out.

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