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Has Breast Augmentation Evolved in Recent Years?

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Posted on Dec 15 2018

Breast Augmentation in (2019) - Why Today Its Easier and Better Than Before To Look Your Best

Opportunities to make your breasts look the way you want give you more choices now than ever. How long have you wanted larger breasts or at least hoped for them to have the same size and shape? Did your breasts become saggy after your weight loss or pregnancies? You may have many reasons for changing the size or shape of your breasts. With the latest surgical methods and implant options available at our Chicago plastic surgery clinic, you can do something about it.

Learning What’s New

Breast Augmentation Surgery gives you choices that you never had before. It lets surgeons use your body fat or breast implants to create the look that you admire on others and want for yourself. The new surgical techniques can make your breasts fuller and have the outward projection that makes your profile attractive. Augmentation can make your breast size complement your hip contours to give your body a balanced appearance.

Your self-image influences your self-confidence, and you can enhance both with the better-than-ever advances in breast augmentation. The technique can restore your breasts to a shape that pleased you in the past or change them to satisfy you now. More than ever, you can achieve a natural appearance with a rounded contour and symmetry that you want and deserve.

Reasons to Consider Augmentation

As you consider the surgery that can give you the changes to your body that you desire, you may want to review your qualifications as a candidate. Your age and the status of your health contribute to your eligibility, and other factors enter the decision-making process as well. If you are in good health, not pregnant or breastfeeding and want to have the surgery, you probably meet the preliminary requisites.

You need to have fully developed breasts to achieve a realistic understanding of the options that face you. If you have dissatisfaction with their small size or their loss of shape and volume, it provides reasons for wanting surgery. If their lack of symmetry or volume in the upper part makes you unhappy, then those concerns provide a legitimate cause for wanting to improve your appearance. If your breasts did not develop normally and now have an elongated appearance instead, then you may want to seek the advice of the best plastic surgeons in Chicago.

Considering the Fat Transfer Technique

Through the commonly used practice of liposuction, we can remove the excess fat from the fatty areas of your body, such as your thighs, tummy or love handles, and transfer it to your breasts. The procedure develops a pleasing contour and proportion. The technique works exceptionally well if you want a relatively small increase in your breasts of up to one cup size. The completely natural fatty tissue that increases your breast size looks and feels soft, and the procedure leaves virtually no scar. You may get to enjoy the additional benefit of fat reduction in the areas where you do not want or need it.

The fat transfer technique has become a method of choice recently, and it offers excellent options if you do not want breast implants. The procedure gives you an increase in volume with the fatty deposits that we collect through liposuction. We carefully inject it directly into your breasts without leaving a trace of an invasive procedure. The process may offer the perfect solution for you to get a subtle increase in your breast volume or to enhance an augmentation procedure from years ago.

Opting for Implant Technology

The recent advances in Breast augmentation surgery assure you of natural-looking results. Many years ago, implants attracted attention and even gained popularity for the dramatic changes in projection that they created. The extraordinary results that some women chose left no doubt about the cause of the highly noticeable difference. Most women now prefer a vastly different outcome that emphasizes subtlety. The goal remains the same; most still want to increase volume and create symmetry. However, the drastic alteration in appearance no longer appeals to women who prefer a natural-looking result. There are many different breast implant types to consider now.

  • Choosing Saline Implants As one of the two most often chosen types of implants, saline seems to have less popularity than silicone. Both remain the preference of most women. Saline breast implants use sterile saltwater, and we can adjust the volume at the time of surgery to ensure symmetry. Some women prefer saline implants for the fullness and projection that they provide.

They may weigh more and cost less than silicone, and they may have a firmer and less natural feel as well. Some women prefer them just because they want to avoid silicone. In consultation with the best plastic surgeons in Chicago, you can have an in-depth, confidential and personal discussion about which type of implant suits you the best. The design and construction of saline implants give the breasts a uniform shape and firmness that may not feel as soft as silicone. The Food and Drug Administration approved them for augmentation for women who have reached age 18.

  • Selecting Silicone Implants Several options await your decision when you choose silicone implants. All shapes come in many different sizes that enable us to ensure the symmetry that you desire. As proof that breast augmentation offers better than ever outcomes, you have more choices when you get to select the right implant for the shape of your body as well as for a way to satisfy your preferences.

The gel in silicone implants tends to resemble the feel of natural breast tissue. The FDA approved them for women age 22 or older. While they may have an occasional leak that you can monitor, silicone implants do not collapse. The latest implant designs and surgical techniques that give you better options than ever provide the natural look that you want. Your decision can affect your self-confidence as you improve your body image. As you decide to pursue a surgical option, you have many factors to consider. The benefits that you get from enhancing your appearance, your body image and your self-confidence may make you look and feel better for years to come.

Choosing Advanced Implant Technology

Advances in medical research provide a form-stable implant that has several advantages over previous types of structures. The consistency of the gel allows the implant to retain its shape even when the shell experiences a break. The breakthrough in technology that produced high-strength cohesive (CSG) gel created the strongest material on the market, but it has a naturally soft feel to the touch. The thicker consistency of the gel produces a firmer feel than you get with traditional implants.

Some patients refer to the CSG product as “gummy bear” because of its resemblance to the bear-shaped candy that holds its shape even when you bite into it. The consistency that it provides in your breast implant comes from the high cohesiveness of the filling as well as the layers of silicone that form the outer shell. The design gives you firm consistency that keeps its shape even if the shell happens to break.

Many women choose it for its shape that resembles a teardrop with the projection at the bottom that you recognize as a natural-looking breast with tapering at the top. The saline implant with a classic round shape or a similar design in a silicone implant seems less appealing to most women. The sloped shape imitates the contour of your natural breast with the fullness occurring at the bottom. Round implants may create a fuller and more projected appearance, and you can discuss your preferences with us when we meet in consultation with you.

Considering the Advantages of High-strength Cohesive Implants The natural shape, as well as their durability, may appeal to you as a type of implant, but they offer other factors as well. The advanced technology that creates the high-strength cohesive gel presents advantages that make your implants maintain their shape. The thicker gel provides a more stable base over time than the silicone that fills traditional implants.

  • Less Folding and Rippling Women whose implants contain CSG benefit from the distinctive teardrop shape that helps keep it in place. Without migrating, it remains where we place it beneath the breast or muscle tissue. We attribute the stability to the tighter molecular bonds that help ensure the strength of the shell, preventing the appearance of rippling or folding effects.

  • Natural Contours and Pleasing Shape The cohesive gel implants achieve their popularity among women by creating a natural looking breast that conforms to the preferred image of a pleasing contour. The round base fills the bottom portion of the breast and gently tapers upward with a teardrop shape to create a smaller projection at the top. While the rounded styles have appealed to women in the past as a favorite shape, the current trend leads to a more gracious and less conspicuous contour.

  • Less Chance of Leaking Some of the reasons that breast implants leak may relate to the aging ones that use saline. The unfortunate reports of leakage may discourage you from considering the surgery that can improve your self-image, self-confidence and appearance. However, the technology of breast augmentation continues to increase and now gives you better performance than ever.

A potential cause of the leaks that have occurred may come from the less stable shell that the older implants used. The cohesive silicone filling has a much lower likelihood of leaking with its superior shell design. Without the fold lines that occurred with some of the Saline implants, the CSG filling and shell do not place a strain on the material that has caused ruptures to occur. Silicone gel leakage occurs much less frequently than saline.

Comparing Surgical Techniques

Your consultation provides an opportunity for you to express to us the preferences and outcomes that you hope to achieve with breast augmentation. You can ask questions and state your opinions to us as dedicated and compassionate doctors who want to listen to your dreams and hopes. We use our years of experience in plastic surgery Chicago to suggest the right type of incision and implant that produce the optimum outcome for you.

Our experience and guidance can help you choose the best type of incision and breast implant placement for your physique and preferences. We want you to feel confident and assured of your outcome, and our consultation helps you gain the confidence that you need as you approach an important decision. Our success in helping other women choose to improve their body image and self-confidence gives you an excellent reason to believe that it can happen to you as well.

Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeons in Chicago

We hold board certification and practice the latest breast enhancement trends and techniques. We provide the resources that you need to help you understand the differences in types of implants. Based on our consultation with you, we can design a customized surgical plan that meets your unique needs. Here at Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, we dedicate our practice to helping you achieve the personal appearance goals that let you enjoy the quality of life that you expect and deserve.

We present our experience, qualifications and numerous awards and recognition as the Top Plastic Surgeon as the reasons that you can count on us to assist you with one of the most important decisions that you can make to improve your appearance and well-being. With care and compassion, we respectfully accept the opportunity to provide each patient with superior expertise in breast augmentation. In consultation, we help you choose the best implant type and size for your body, offer in-depth explanations of the procedures and explain all aspects of the surgery.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment for breast augmentation that can create a lovely profile of your body, boost your self-image and increase your self-confidence.

From the initial consultation to the final follow-up exam, Dr. Horn and his staff provides compassionate treatment tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual. Dr. Horn’s mastery and surgical skill in performing various face and body procedures, his dedication to patients’ safety, combined with his focus on unparalleled care and attention, make him one of the most sought-after surgeons in the Midwest. At his clinic, surgical options are paralleled by an array of non-invasive treatments and advanced technologies designed to help you rediscover your beauty potential.

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