Choosing The Right Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Horn Posted on May 19 2016

Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon

Whenever you are considering cosmetic surgery, the two most important items to consider are what type of surgery and who your surgeon will be. Once you have determined the type of surgery, or at least a relative idea, you can focus on finding the perfect plastic surgeon. Through referrals, internet searches, and consultations, you can be rest assured that the right surgeon is out there for you.

The Best Qualifications

For a start, it is essential that you choose a certified cosmetic surgeon. There is an American Board of Cosmetic Surgery that sets standards and ensures that surgeons have a certain level of expertise. This will be some guarantee that you will get the results you desire, and you will feel more comfortable in the hands of a trained professional. Depending on the specific surgery you want, you will want to find a surgeon who has experience in that area.

For example, if you want a breast augmentation, you would want a surgeon where you can see past surgeries and ask him or her questions on the procedure. A surgeon without the expertise you will want would not be able to provide this information.

Other questions you should ask before committing to a procedure include the results a surgeon has achieved, any risks, referrals from past clients, and any other question you may have. Most surgeons have ‘before and after’ pictures you can look at and referrals you can call. However, the most important part is the consultation. As long as you feel comfortable with the surgeon, get your questions answered properly, are pleased with the aesthetic look of past results, etc., you will be in good hands.

Making That Connection

As having a cosmetic procedure is probably something you’ve thought hard about and have saved up for, it will be important to find a surgeon that you feel understands what you want and you feel comfortable with. In addition, every surgeon has a support team, such as you’d find at The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery, and feeling relaxed with them will also be something to consider. At our practice, our surgeon is highly trained and experienced in many areas of cosmetic surgery, especially breast surgery. Contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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