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Facial Fillers 101: A Guide to the Most Popular Dermal Fillers

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Posted on Aug 25 2023

Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

Ever since dermal fillers first came on the aesthetic scene over 20 years ago, facial fillers have become one of the most commonly used cosmetic treatments in the offices of plastic surgeons and med spas worldwide. For many patients considering fillers, the vast array of options and uses may be confusing and overwhelming. We're here to answer all your questions.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers

Hyaluronic acid facial fillers are a very popular type of dermal filler used to restore volume, enhance contours, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles in the face. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance found in the body's connective tissues, joints, and skin. It plays a crucial role in maintaining hydration, lubrication, and tissue elasticity. When synthetic HA is used as a dermal filler, it attracts and retains water, resulting in a plumping effect and improved skin appearance. The filler is carefully injected beneath the skin's surface to add volume and smooth out wrinkles or folds. As the filler integrates with the skin's tissues, it provides a natural-looking rejuvenation.


The Juvéderm family of HA facial fillers is extremely versatile, and there is an option for just about any facial need. Juvéderm Volbella, made with a smaller HA particle, provides an incredibly smooth, delicate finish and is perfect for lips and fine lines around the eyes. Juvéderm Voluma is a great option for boosting cheek volume and filling other hollow areas. For contouring, the gel-like consistency of Juvéderm Volux can define the jawline, enhance the chin, and smooth jowls.


Restylane is generally considered when patients are looking for a softer, more subtle enhancement since it is a lighter formula. The family of Restylane facial fillers are also highly flexible, allowing for a natural look. Kysse is often used for lip enhancement, the slightly firmer Defyne for contouring, and Restylane Lyft for a soft, elevated fullness.

RHA Collection

Sometimes considered the next generation of HA facial fillers, the RHA Collection boasts a more stable, durable outcome for results that last. This collection includes the first introduced RHA Redensity along with RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4. These resilient hyaluronic acid fillers are versatile and can address everything from fine crow's feet around the eyes to deep nasolabial folds, and results can last up to a year or longer.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Calcium hydroxylapatite is not only biocompatible, it actually stimulates collagen production for improvement over time along with instant volume enhancement. CaHA is used in dermal fillers via a gel-like serum that contains tiny particles of CaHA, which help to restore volume and improve the skin's texture.


Radiesse is considered a great alternative to a mini-facelift because of the great improvement it can provide to the mid- and lower face. This filler adds volume without looking bulky and offers a sculpted, defined result in the cheeks, jawline, and mouth area.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid

Poly-L-Lactic Acid is a synthetic polymer that has been used in the medical field since the 1970s for applications including dissolvable sutures and bone implants. As a facial filler, this very safe biostimulator boosts collagen production and creates volume, provides wrinkle reduction, and produces overall restoration through the body's natural processes.


Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA) based Sculptra can be used throughout the face and can provide an assortment of great results. Sculptra smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth and can also restore volume in the temples or cheeks. In the jaw area, Sculptra can reduce the appearance of jowls and chin wrinkles for contoured definition.


Similar to PLLA, polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) facial filler is a type of dermal filler that not only fills the treated area but stimulates collagen production over time which adds to the longevity of the filler's effects. Lasting as long as five years, it is typically used to treat deep creases around the mouth and nose.


Bellafill is used to treat deep skin folds around the mouth, vertical wrinkles around the lips, and even deep acne scars or trauma scars. It is made of PMMA and bovine collagen, which can provide results that last up to five years or more, much longer than most dermal fillers.

Ready For Your Customized Facial Rejuvenation?

Now that you have all the details, you may still have one lingering question. Which of these facial fillers is right for me? While general information can help to narrow down your choices, getting a customized treatment plan with experts on facial fillers like the professionals at Michael Horn Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Chicago is the best way to determine exactly which facial filler will be ideal for you and your aesthetic goals.

From the initial consultation to the final follow-up exam, Dr. Horn and his staff provides compassionate treatment tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual. Dr. Horn’s mastery and surgical skill in performing various face and body procedures, his dedication to patients’ safety, combined with his focus on unparalleled care and attention, make him one of the most sought-after surgeons in the Midwest. At his clinic, surgical options are paralleled by an array of non-invasive treatments and advanced technologies designed to help you rediscover your beauty potential.

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