Questions to Ask Before Getting Breast Implants

Chicago Breast Implants answers to questions Posted on Jul 28 2015

Questions to Ask Before Getting Breast Implants

Before you get breast implants, you should have a consultation with the plastic surgeon. Breast surgery is a safe procedure, but questions should be asked before committing to having it done. Your plastic surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and should provide proof of experience. Ask about the following so you fully understand how the surgery will go.

Surgeon’s Level of Experience

The first thing you should ask about is the cosmetic surgeon’s level of experience in giving breast implants. You don’t want to get the implants from a plastic surgeon who hasn’t performed many breast procedures in their career, as this is a sign of lack of experience, which adds the risk of health concerns for you. Look for a surgeon who has at least ten years of experience in implant procedures.

Risks and Recovery Time

Every cosmetic procedure comes with minor risks, and when discussing your procedure with a plastic surgeon, discuss the risks involved so you get an honest account of risks and benefits. You should also ask how long you can expect your recovery period to be after the surgery.

Procedure Revisions

With all the consultations leading up to your procedure, your surgeon should fully understand your desires and therefore deliver the results you want. You will want to ask the surgeon if he or she will perform revisions in the event you are unsatisfied with the original job. Some surgeons offer free revisions, while others charge a fee.

References from Former Patients

Ask your cosmetic surgeon if he or she can provide references from previous patients. You can then contact these patients to discuss how their procedure went and whether they were satisfied with their results. Reviews can also be found on business directory sites like Yelp.

Make sure to thoroughly educate yourself on how your implant procedure will be done, and do plenty of research before making a decision.

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