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Which Injectable Fillers Are Best for M Shaped Lips?

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Which Injectable Fillers Are Best for M Shaped Lips? | Blog

Posted on July 27 2023

There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting a lip filler, including the shape of your lips. The goal of treating M shaped lips with lip fillers is to deliver uniform volume left, right, and center. Your “M” lip shape is the most challenging to fill as there is naturally more volume in the center of your lip. If the wrong dermal filler or injection technique is used, the results will look anything but natural. Below is what you need to know to make an informed decision.

What are M shaped lips?

Your upper lip is comprised of 3 sections, known as tubercles. This is essentially the left side of your lip, the right side of your lip, and the center of your lip. Almost everyone has an M shaped cupid’s bow, but M shaped lips have a more pronounced center section below the cupid’s bow. In addition, the left and right tubercles are thinner and less pronounced. This creates what looks like a 3-dimensional “M” in the center of the upper lip.

Some love their unique and distinct M shaped lips, while others utilize dermal fillers to create a more uniform look.

What dermal fillers are best suited for M shaped lips?

JuvedermRestylane, and RHA Collection of fillers are the best injectable fillers for M shaped lips as they are formulated with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found throughout the body. It doesn’t just plump, it integrates into your lip tissue when injected. This provides natural flexibility and fullness without feeling too firm.

When injected with precision, the results look and feel natural, delivering uniform, rejuvenated, and kissable lips.

What injecting techniques are used for M shaped lips?

The techniques used will vary depending on the individual client. The most common techniques used for injecting filler into M shaped lips are to combine Fences and Lollipops. Fences is a technique in which vertical lines are injected along both tubercles. The Lollipop technique refers to the needle being inserted right above the upper border of your lip. A topical anesthetic is applied first so that you won’t feel a thing.

In addition to the techniques above, to achieve natural results, your aesthetic injector must assess:

  • Which dermal filler is right for you.

  • What type of syringe to use.

  • The precise angle of the needle.

  • Where to begin filling first.

  • How deep into the lip to inject.

  • Where the supporting hand is placed.

  • The speed at which filler is injected.

  • How much filler to inject.

  • How much space to leave between injection points.

  • When and how to shape and manipulate the lips.

Why are M shaped lips the hardest to inject?

This lip shape is the hardest to inject because there is a higher risk of a paradoxical indentation. A paradoxical indentation causes the lips to curve and turn inwards post-injection. This can occur when an aesthetic injector inserts the needle a bit too deep, filling around the mid layer of connective tissue that attaches to the orbicularis oris muscle.

A paradoxical indentation is pronounced on all lip shapes, but even more so on M shaped lips.

Beautiful Results You Can See

Check out our video of one patient’s journey getting naturally plumped M shaped lips with dermal fillers.

Why is it essential to choose an experienced aesthetic injector for treating M shaped lips?

In addition to the increased risk for paradoxical indentation, perfecting the art of injecting fillers in M shaped lips takes practice. Injecting fillers isn’t as simple as placing the needle and releasing its contents under the skin.

Your aesthetic injector must have a deep understanding of:

  • The facial muscles.

  • The client’s lip shape.

  • Different injection techniques.

  • The type of filler being used.

These factors are the difference between natural plumping and rejuvenation, and distracting lumps, bumps, curving, and indentations, or the full but dreaded duck lips.

It is essential to ensure that you choose an injector who has the experience and knowledge to deliver the results you are expecting.

Want to learn more about dermal fillers for M shaped lips?

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During your consultation, we will discuss fillers and other aesthetic treatments to achieve the natural and rejuvenating look you desire. This includes consulting on how to correct or minimize the appearance of an unsuccessful lip treatment.

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