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Why Male Liposuction Can Help Provide a More Ideal Body Shape That Diet and Exercise Cannot Help

Posted on December 17th, 2018 by Dr. Michael Horn

Why Male Liposuction Can Help Provide a More Ideal Body Shape That Diet and Exercise Cannot Help
A new groundbreaking procedure is being performed on men that not only want to lose fat and trim their love handles, but also want to redefine their abdominal muscles. This is essentially a liposuction procedure that is especially tailored to men. The procedure is called Vaser Liposuction and it can be used to get you back your twenty-year-old, hot in swim trunks, shirtless jock type of body.

We live in a different day and age today where men are allowed to openly take as much pride in their bodies as women do. There is no shame in a man wanting to reclaim his lost youth, and plastic surgery is just the way for him to do just that. If you are willing to commit to liposuction abdomen male type is probably best for you.

One man, a former model, had tried for decades to rid himself of the fat that surrounded his abdomen. Unsightly love handles did not disappear on their own, even with drastic changes in diet and an increase in exercise. Seeing that aging women in his industry had no hang-ups about going under the knife, he decided to do the same. He not only restored his confidence but the procedure, which gave him a defining six-pack that he never had before, had him looking hotter than ever.

The innovative manner in which male liposuction works is by removing small fat deposits that surround only particular groups of muscles. This effectively enhances a man’s natural muscle contour by providing more definition. Regular liposuction, conversely, works by separating the excess fat before sucking it from the body. This can be much more painful for the patient and post-op recovery can be longer and more strenuous. Vaser is also different from traditional lipo in that it actually dissolves fat into a butter-like substance, making it gentler and simpler to remove from the body.

The male liposuction procedure works well on any man, from those that work out regularly at the gym, looking to enhance their overall appearance, to those that packed on a few stubborn pounds that they simply can’t get rid of naturally. And, while it is mainly relegated to the stomach area, Vaser can and is used all over the body including the legs, chin, arms, and neck.

Vaser is also a procedure with an incredibly quick recovery time and a quick turnaround for a busy prospective patient. While a general anesthetic may be used, conscious sedation is more than adequate and usually suggested. Once the procedure has been completed and recovery has commenced, though the results are indeed permanent, it is suggested that the patient maintain a healthy lifestyle including proper diet and exercise.

So, are you tired of your love handles, fat tummy, and non-existent abs? Male liposuction may be just the procedure for you. If you are thinking about having a Vaser procedure performed in the Chicago area, and would like to know more details, give us a call at Lakeshore Plastic Surgery today. Our friendly staff will schedule a consultation for you to meet with Dr. Michael Horn where he will answer all your questions.

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