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Butt Lift

A butt lift is primarily aimed at increasing the size of the buttocks. This augmentation can be done with a patient’s own fat, otherwise known as a fat transfer, or through silicone implants. Those who are interested in this procedure often have difficulty developing proportionate gluteal muscles or lack fat in the buttocks.


After your procedure, you may experience, discomfort, pain, and bruising. Most patients will be unable to lie on their backs for approximately two weeks following the procedure. We recommend the use of a compression garment to help reduce swelling. Most individuals will be able to return to work after two weeks.

A butt lift, which is also known as buttock augmentation or gluteoplasty, reshapes and changes the size of your buttocks, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and firming the buttocks. This area isn’t easily changed with exercise or weight loss. For this reason, this surgery is often used to supplement weight loss efforts. We recommend you obtain your ideal physical condition prior to having a butt lift.

To achieve a buttock augmentation, we use your own fat, removing it from one undesirable area and transferring it to the buttocks. One of the biggest advantages of this method is there is little to no chance of rejection because the tissue is from your own body. It also produces a more natural look than silicone implants. We usually remove fat from areas that have extra fat, such as other areas of the buttocks, the flank, or the thighs. We remove the excess fat and use it to reshape your buttocks to create the safe effects as a butt lift. Once the fat is removed, we put it through a special process to purify it. We then inject it into your buttocks via a specialized cannula, which is extremely small in diameter so there is minimal scarring. The biggest challenge in this process is keeping the graft in place, which is often achieved by injecting small amounts of fat into different layers, both below and above the muscles. This produces better blood flow and minimized irregularities. Graft survival can’t be predicted because some of the fat is likely to be absorbed by the body. Any fat graft that remains after three months will generally remain. The procedure causes minimal or no pain with tiny incisions similar to those that are created during the liposuction process.

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